About Us

Kentucky’s Voice is a partnership with Children, Inc. (Mike Hammons and Josh Hatton), 4C of Louisville Janet Masterson and Cori Gadansky), 4C of Northern Kentucky (Julie Witten), Eastern Kentucky Child Care Coalition (June Widman), and Audubon Area Community Services (Brandon Harley). We share a common focus on children’s issues with other local, state and national children’s advocacy groups and together we make sure that children are not forgotten when policies are conceived, enacted and funded. 


Kentucky’s Voice was formed by Children, Inc. in 2004 in response to drastic cuts to child care and family support programs in Kentucky. In an effort to share awareness on the importance of the first six years of life and the returns on investments in early learning, Kentucky’s Voice leaders partnered with other area organizations including United Way of Kentucky, United Way of Greater Cincinnati, Metro United Way, Prichard Committee, Kentucky Youth Advocates, and Child Care Advocates of Kentucky.  Together with our 12,000+ members, we have secured support for increased funding in child care and family support policies state- and nationwide, all while sharing the critical research behind the power of a child’s brain.