Legislative Meetings

In-District Meeting: An in-district meeting is a meeting with your legislature in your home district.  This type of meeting for KY legislators is usually held at a local business, like a restaurant or your program site.  For US representatives, it may be at their local district office.


Site Visit: You can also invite your local legislator to your program’s facility. Usually, this type of meeting includes a small group tour of the center, followed by a discussion on the center’s program benefits and needs.


Session Send-off: This type of meeting is held before the local legislative session begins. The purpose is to remind officials to consider your case before they depart to the Capitol.


Post-session Meeting: This meeting is held after the legislative session. The purpose is to evaluate the official’s actions during the session and hold him/her accountable. Thank the official if he/she voted in favor of your issue and express your disappointment, cordially, if he/she did not.



Source: Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance’s Early Years Advocacy Toolkit.