Dos and Don’ts of Legislation


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Understand the legislative process and your legislator’s perspective. Prepare yourself with clear information to support your case.

Be specific and personal: Stay on topic. Refer to bills and explain how they impact you and your legislator’s community. Share a personal story. Ask about your legislator’s position on the topic.

Form a positive relationship: It’s ok to speak to legislators who don’t support your issue, but understand not everyone sees issues the way you do. Be respectful to legislators and supportive staff too.

End on a good note: Show your appreciation for his/her time.

Leave a document that summarizes your case, and later, send a thank you note summarizing the discussion. Invite legislators, board members, and staff to visit your center.



Be argumentative: You must stay calm and avoid coming off as threatening or confrontational. Find a balance between being polite, but firm.

Lose focus: Make sure you stay on topic. Take your time sharing your case, so you don’t ramble or go off topic.

Overwhelm the Conversation: Don’t flood your legislator with too many issues either.

Complain or Beg: Don’t ramble off problem after problem. State your point and offer a solution.

Get frustrated or discouraged: If your legislator isn’t familiar with the issue you’re presenting, misses your appointment, or fails to respond to a message, don’t take it personally. They have very loaded schedules that are always changing.

Guess: If you don’t have an answer to a question, offer to follow-up with an answer instead of guessing.